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Our Brand Name Story

With origins thought to be in Europe and the Middle East, tea and coffee readings – known as (Tasseography) have been around for at least a few centuries. In a coffee cup reading, the reader interprets the residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer. The images and shapes created in the coffee grounds provide information about the path to the future.


Be Smart

You have a bright future


Make A Decision

You can be anything you want


Dream Big

The Power of Focus

Welcome To Our Smart App

Smart Zone is a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life, its just a comfortable venue to meet your friends & coworkers, to have fun, explore new way of service, experincing a tasty food and remarkable coffee within technologically artistic atmosphere.

Smart Menu

Simple seasoned dishes and unique food options all day.

Explore and Discover

Through the App, you can reserve a table and pre order your meal / drinks, you can checkout and buy SmArt items, or send a request and listen to your favorite music while enjoy reading inhouse e-books.

Smart Events

The more you learn the more you become smarter, in our App you can watch Smart Virtual events from your mobile anytime anywhere.


Our Vision

Is to be the leaders in our market, inspire others and set standards in the industry in terms of innovation, technology and quality.

Our Mission

Is to serve with passion and create a unique place where customers enjoy ordering the best coffee in the city using our innovative and tech-driven processes, discover entrepreneurial unique creations, have fun and socialize in a comfortable and motivational environment.


Smart Zone App

Stay tuned.

Love of our People

"Smart Zone Café is an ambitious project that aims to differentiate itself by offering top quality services and an enjoyable motivational atmosphere" Nairouz Wadidi, Smart Zone Cafe Founder



Nairouz Wadidi




Amazing, thank you.


Nairouz Wadidi

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